Costa Rica


This was a 2 weeks vacation in Costa Rica in February 2011.

All my  pictures here: Complete Album

Landed in San Jose and slept over in Gran hotel Costa Rica.

We didn’t hung around much, here’s a picture of the National Theatre of Costa Rica.



We drove right down to Manuel Antonio, we passed by Jacos, I don’t recommend spending time there, on the other hand Manuel Antonio is a very nice place to spend time.

Sunset at the Manuel Antonio beach



The next day we drove 45 minutes to a park called Rainmaker. That place is worth a visit, lots of wild life, suspended bridges and amazing natural pools.





We then went to the Arenal region to spend a couple of days at Tabacon Grand Spa Thermal Resort. It’s pricey but a very nice place to relax.

After a little time at the spa we visited an Ecocenter “Ecocentro Danaus“. Paying for a guy is well worth the price they chagred. Here’s some pictures of what you could find there.






We then visited the Arenal park to take a closer look at the Volcano.



Next day we drove to the west coast, back to the beaches of the Pacific. Spent a night in Playa Hermosa and a couple of Playa Del Coco. I don’t recommend spending much time there.

Owler monkey in Playa Del Coco


While we were sleeping in Playa Del Coco we drove down the coast and back a couple of days to explore better spots.

Playa Grande is a place to absolutely visit, the beach is amazing.




We then proceed to leave the area and drive down to Puerto Carillo, near Samara.

Crocodile hanging around near the sea entry.



There’s a little animal refuge/zoo that is worth a visit, they help animals and you can see a lot of different species you won’t see everyday. La Selva Wildlife Refuge & Zoo.





Playa Samara




Time to leave, keep the trip going down the coast, we went through the scenic route, which isn’t recommend other then in the dry season.

What you can see on that route



In Montezuma we rented a little villa, I highly recommend this place to anyone. Agua Vista Villa Resort.

View from the villa



Visit from little and not so little friends




While we were there we visit Isla Tortuga, a boat tour with some snorkeling, very nice, shop your tour around Montezuma.

Montezuma Village


Petite Camera 126


Isla Tortuga


Petite Camera 089


Petite Camera 120



Next day we drove to the other coast to take a look at Playa Mal Pais and Playa Santa Teresa

Playa Mal Pais



Playa Mal Pais and Playa Santa Teresa



We came back and visited the Reserva Natural Cabo Blanco, the place is filled with Capuchin monkeys.

Someone was pretty unhappy at our presence, I think it was because of my big camera.





We visited Santa Teresa again the next day for sunset.





This is it! Costa Rica is amazing.