16 Hours in Switzerland

Hello, just a little post about my layover in Switzerland on my way to Asia in June 2017.

Landed in Zurich from Montreal. Rented a car and went off to the most amazing road I’ve ever driven yet, Furka Pass.

But I had some places to see along the way.

Here’s the route I took:

Full Album.

First stop, Bern.

Along the way to Oeschinen Lake

When I got near Oeschinen Lake I found out it takes about 3 hours to visit, didn’t have time for that so I left.

Stopped at Blausee

On my way to Interlaken

Lake Thun


Had to go see Grindelwald, sadly didn’t have time to go up the Tissot cliff walk, but the landscape was still impressive

Near Furka Pass


The Räterichsbodensee reservoir

The Historisches Alpinhotel Grimsel Hospiz, hotel in the middle of the mountains

The car I had, Mercedes-Benz A200.

Totesee Lake, still frozen

Finally got there, the amazing Furka Pass

At the other end of it

Had to go back down to take some more pictures

That’s it, one of the best if not the best layover I ever did. I will need to go back with much more time.