O’ahu, Hawaii

Another impromptu trip, this time a week on the island of O’ahu, Hawaii! From January 21st to January 27th 2018.

Complete album.

It was amazing, wish I could’ve stayed longer and see much, much more, I’ll be back one day to visit the other islands.

On the morning after I got there, I decided to hike Diamond Head for sunrise, the hike is pretty short and easy. Here’s the sunrise view from up there:


View of Waikiki from the same location

I walked back to my hotel and flew the drone in Waikiki:

In the afternoon I had an organised Catamaran ride, cool views of the island from the sea:

The next day I rented a moped to move a little further on the island, weather wasn’t great but here’s a picture of Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve from the road, the preserve is closed on Tuesday:

Just a little further there’s Kahauloa Cove:

The next day I drove my moped to Hālona Cove for sunrise, got there a little late:

Also flew the drone around there:

Drove a few minutes to Sandy beach, very wild break:

Lots of body surfers on that beach:

The next day our group went around the island in a rental car, somewhere along the way:

Chickens love to hang around beach parking lots:

North Shore:

Shark’s Cove:

Ke Iki Beach:

Banzai Pipeline:

On the way back, the sunset light was amazing, took a picture from a moving car:

The next day we “hiked” Koko Crater, it’s basically an old railway that is equivalent to 1000 steps, pretty boring IMO but the views are great:

I then decided to rent a moped again an drive to Makua Beach for sunset, I wouldn’t recommended doing that ride from Waikiki on a moped, way too long.

Got there for sunset but I felt more like flying the drone than taking pictures:

Somewhere on the way back I had to stop for a later sunset shot:

The next and last day I went to Lulumahu Falls in the morning before catching my flight home:

Cool place to take a dump in the woods:

Pretty nice walk, didn’t have time to get to the main fall sadly I had to go catch my plane:

That’s it ! Thanks for reading.

Good places:

Aloha Poke

Sunny Days

Alicia’s Market

Goofy’s Cafe & Dine

Aji Limo Truck