Pastoruri Glacier – Peru

Today it was time for a quick trip to Pastoruri Glacier, the glacier is about 3 hours from Huaraz by car/transport, the glacier is in the Huascaran National Park, on the south part of the park. Once you get to the parking lot you have to walk about 2km (45 minutes) from 4800 meters to 5000 meters. You can also ride a horse up to 500 meters from the glacier for 20 soles. (as of June 2018)

From wikipedia: The glacier is currently retreating quickly. It has lost 22% of its size and 15.5% of its ice mass in the last 30–35 years.

On the way there you stop 2-3 times for some other pretty sights of nature.

Full album here.

A small laguna near the entrace of the Huascaran Park:




Mountains all over the place as usual:



The water has a lot of minerals in it, resulting in some colorful ponds:



This use to be a very large laguna, this is what it left:



And now the Pastoruri Glacier:





And the laguna near it:



And the walk back:


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