Moray & Maras – Peru

July 17th, 2018.

Got to Cusco yesterday, I will do a post about Cusco later, but it is a very, very, verrrryyyyyyyyy touristy city, you can see the result of Peru promoting Cusco as one of the few tourist destinations in the country.

Full Album here.

Moray & Maras is all over the tour shops in town, so we decided to take the trip.

“Moray is an archaeological site in Peru approximately 50 kilometres northwest of Cusco, The site contains unusual Inca ruins, mostly consisting of several terraced circular depressions, the largest of which is approximately 30 m (98 ft) deep. As with many other Inca sites, it also has an irrigation system.” (off Wikipedia)

You need a tourist ticket, which is a ticket that gives you access to multiple sites around Cusco, for too much money in my opinion if you only want to visit Moray. The site is impressive but a little too touristy and overpriced for me!

Here’s some shots:





Then we headed out to Maras, the “Salinas de Maras” more precisely. A very cool salt pond, cheap entrace  (10 soles) and they sell the salt from the ponds right on site!

Here’s a full view of the Salinas:



A little closer:









On the way back we stopped for some pictures of the landscape nearby: