Laguna Churup – Peru

June 13th 2018, it was time for a little hike up to Laguna Churup!

The Laguna is located about 3km from Pitec, you can reach Pitec by collectivo and then go up the trail to the Laguna Churup. The hike is about 2 jours and 600 meters elevation. From 3850 meters to 4450 meters. It’s not the easiest hike with the altitude. I was gasping for air a lot, but the reward is definitely a nice one.

This is also in Huascaran National Park, so park fees apply. (30 soles for the day as of June 2018)

The complete is here. (Click)

It was raining and we couldn’t see Nevado Churup when we got up there:

Viewed from the drone, still raining a little:

Suddenly it started to clear up:

The colors of the Laguna really start to pop up:

And Nevado Churup all cleared up:



It’s worth a visit, a guide can be useful, mostly for the parts where you have to climb up rocks using a set of cables installed permanently. Check out if you need one.