La Isla de los Monos – Peru

July 13th, 2018, a friend visiting and I went to La Isla de los Monos.

La Isla de los Monos is a cage-free animal refuge near Iquitos, deep in the amazon rainforest,  they have mostly monkeys, 5-6 different types are usually present. It’s an island so the animal have pretty good protection from potential threats.

Full album : Here.

This is obviously a non-profit organisation and there only goal is to save monkeys from being domestic pets or other bad situation for the animals.

You can read more information on their website.

You have to take a 35 minutes fast boat from Iquitos to get there, 20 soles for the boat one way and 20 soles for the refuge entry fee. Usually you’ll get there and ride a little wooden boat to get to the refuge but the water was down when we went so we walked down a nice jungle path for about 15 minutes.

Vegetation is pretty impressive:



When you get close to the refuge you can start to see monkeys, this is a wooly monkey and they are very, very friendly. Right after these pictures I walked pass them and one jump on me and started to lick me … he stayed there the whole time we were visiting the refuge!



More monkeys at the refuge, it was lunch time right after we got there, first a Saki Monkey:



Titi Monkey:



Spider Monkey:



This is the smallest monkey in America, the Marmotsets:




There’s also a parrot hanging around:



And a sloth with a baby sloth:



And finally this little monkey that looks a little bit like a rat, not sure what type it is :