Cape Town to Addo National Park – South Africa

Road trip o’clock! October 8 to 15th 2018.

I heard a lot about the Garden route in Western Cape, I looked it up, seemed pretty interesting, I also wanted to see some animals in South Africa, didn’t need more reasons, let’s do this!

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Here’s the route I took on the way to Addo and then I took the fastest route to come back! (8 hours instead of 14 hours)



I did the trip with a Golf Citi that I rented with Rentacheapie in Cape Town, they have an amazing service and great, fun, reliable cars, as you can see I drove about 2000 km, without a single issue.

*** Some of the following pictures are on dirt roads, if you plan to do something like this ask Rentacheapie what is allowed and not with the standard rental agreement ***

Day 1:

Picked up the Citi and drove to Chapman’s Peak Drive, that is a very, very impressive road, the views are just amazing:



A little further on the road you get to have another great view, Noordhoek Beach:



Continued driving down to Cape of Good Hope, so many amazing views along the way:



The Citi, near the Cape of Good Hope :





Didn’t have time to go up, but there’s was nice little wildlife near the parking lot:



I wanted to sleep in Hermanus that night, let’s keep going:



Stopped at Betty’s Bay for the penguins, if you have to choose, go to Boulder’s Beach to check out the penguins, it’s much nice than Betty’s Bay:




Day 2:

Slept in Hermanus that night, a place very famous for having whales in the bay! That evening I didn’t see them but the next morning you could see them playing in the water very close to the shore. I decided to fly the drone to check them out:




After Hermanus, I drove to L’Agulhas, the place where you can find the most southern point of the African continent, before I got there I saw very different and beautiful places:




Here it is, the most southern point of Africa:



Just beside it:



I then drove to Suurbraak to sleep there, not much to do there and I arrived late so didn’t take any pictures, but on the way there you can see a lot of fields like this, which I wasn’t expecting:



Day 3:

Woke up in Suurbraak and drove to Mossel Bay, where you can find the Cave at Cape St Blaize, nothing crazy but you can go for a nice hike there, didn’t do it, I was pretty short on time, here’s the view of the bay from the Cave:



Inside the Cave:



Drove to Knysna,  very cool little place, the sunset:




Day 4:

Time to get to Addo, I wanted to spend 2 days at the park and I had to come back to Cape Town Monday! Quick stop in Plettenberg Bay to grab a muffin and coffee, the sky was stormy:



Oh, yeah, on the way there I stopped at Monkeyland, very fun place to see many different monkeys and lemurs:



With a little one:







Stopped in Nature Valley for lunch, it was raining but still checked out the beach:



The Citi hanging out in the middle of the road:



Day 5 & 6:

Time for the Addo Elephant National Park, again if you plan to use the Citi to make sure to discuss with Rentacheapie before you do!!

Here’s my favorite shots of the animals in the park over the 2 days I spent there, very nice park, you should visit if you are in the area:









The exit of the park near Colchester:


Day 7 and 8:

Time to drive back! After getting out of the park I went on to sleep on Port Elizabeth, very windy city, nice boardwalk, might go back there at some point! The next day I slept in Knysna again, wanted to go shoot the beach at sunset:



On the last day I drove right into Cape Town and returned the car. It was a great trip and if you like road tripping I highly recommend it, I would consider doing it in 2 weeks, there’s so much to do and see you can easily spend much more time then I did!