E46 M3 in New England.


I went on a solo road trip in Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine in August 2014.

Here’s the map of my trip… I really was only going to visit Mt. Washington and Portland but then I went a little further.

Google Maps

All my  pictures here: Complete Album

First place I went was Lost River, the park seemed a little boring so I left, not before taking my first picture.

Then I drove to Mt. Washington, here’s some pics of the drive there.

During the drive up Mt. Washington.

And at the top.

Went down the Mt. and stick my “This car climbed Mt. Washington” sticker (included in the entrace fee).

That evening I slept near Portland, went for a beer and the barman talked me into getting up road 1 to Bar Harbor, Maine.

So the next day I did just that.

Here’s the some pictures along the way.

The next day I decided to visit a little of Acadia National park while I was there.

Near Bar Harbor.

Then went up Cadillac Mountain.

At the top.

Went around the park loop, amazing road, but it’s in the park so can’t really drive hard.

To the Northeast Harbor, Mt Desert.

Then I left, back to Montreal but I saw that I didn’t really drive much of the Kangamangus Highway so I decided to make the detour on the way back… that road is amazing, and in the middle of the week, you can drive like it should.

You can even take a bath in the river by the road.

And a last one of the car in a covered bridge by the road

That’s it!